Member Satisfaction

Members become frustrated when the product they receive is not performing as it should, or if they do not understand its use. Studies show that patients blame their managed care company as well as the DME company when things go wrong. Your ancillary service providers are vitally important to the member’s perception of your health plan. We understand how important member satisfaction is and take many steps to maintain and raise it.

First, our staff receives in depth training on patient training techniques. We utilize a method called “the reverse demonstration”. The delivery is complete only when the patient or their caretaker can demonstrate the safe and proper of their device. We have found this to be the most effective method of patient education.

Within 72 hours of delivery your member will receive a telephone call from our follow up team. We review their product once again and make sure they understand its use. At the same time we inquire as to the overall satisfaction with our company. Any training or service issues found are resolved on the spot. After that, regular follow-up calls occur at varying intervals depending on the device being used.

We provide you with a monthly report of our satisfaction surveys and month over month comparisons.

Reducing Bed Days

    • Smart Telemedicine That Prevents ER Visits


    • RT Eval / Titration for Oxygen Patients


    • Fall Prevention

There are a lot of things that can be seen and done in the home to prevent unnecessary admissions. Our staff is trained to look for potential red flags and involve the appropriate clinicians – before there is a problem.

Our respiratory / oxygen patients are visited by a respiratory therapist who evaluate and titrate (when ordered) their oxygen requirements. At the same time a fall prevention assessment is done of the home for any items that may interfere with the patient’s mobility.

Network Holes

    • Huge warehouse

    • Virtually everything in stock

    • Specialty respiratory products

Our facilities include 15,000 square foot of warehouse space housing virtually every DME item. We distribute for all of the major manufacturers including: McKesson, Invacare, Pride, Medela Wound Care, Medline, Cardinal, and many others.

All DME items, all of California

Whether you need a primary vendor to handle all of your DME needs, or a secondary supplier for specific areas – we’re ready. Please contact our managed care group at (800) 977-3002 for more information.


We understand that pricing and cost control are crucial to managed care. Because of our purchasing power, and the technologies we utilize, we’re able to give you top quality service, exceptional products, and a reasonable price.


  • Great Pricing
  • Brand Names
  • Fast Contracting

With your utilization and census information our managed care team will create a custom proposal for your organization.

Would you like to put a defined cost on your DME expenditures? 

Our contracts team can review your prior utilization, and propose an arrangement where you pay a fixed rate, per member, per month. We’ll handle all of the utilization review which further reduces your expenses. 

Want to talk capitation? Give us a call today: 800-977-3002