Diamond is a Medicare Contracted Provider


In 2011 Medicare implemented the “Medicare Competitive Bidding” program. This program required that medical equipment companies submit bids in order be able to accept Medicare. 

The program was rolled out initially in nine areas of the country (Round 1), then to 100 additional areas in 2013 (Round 2). 

Patients that reside in Competitive Bidding Areas (CBA’s) must obtain their equipment and supplies from contracted providers. 


Competitive Bidding Areas (CBA)

The program established areas of the country where the program would be rolled out. These areas are known as Competitive Bidding Areas, or CBAs. Each CBA is comprised of many ZIP codes. 

The patient’s ZIP code that is on file with the Social Security Administration (where they’re SSA statements are sent to usually) determines whether they are included into a CBA, and which one. 

If a patient resides in a CBA, and needs a product that is included in the bid program, then they will receive it from a contracted supplier for that area. 

Product Categories

Virtually all of the most commonly prescribed medical devices and supplies are included in the Medicare Competitive Bidding program. There are several categories of products (based on the round of the program). Each category includes many individual products. 

If you would like to determine if a product is included in the program, please contact us at (800) 977-3002.