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The more time you and your staff spend dealing with phone calls and faxes, the less time you have to see patients. At Diamond we act as your personal assistant for all things home care. We promise to get the job done right the first time with as little impact on your time as possible.

The order process

We’ve made the order process as simple as possible for you and your staff. 

1. Gather your patients most recent examination notes that relate to the item being ordered. 

2. Prepare a detailed written order for the item and accessories you’re ordering.

3. Fax these items to (800) 438-2048.



A Detailed Written Order requires very specific elements to be included. If you’re unsure of how to prepare this order, we’ll do it for you. Just send your examination notes and orders. We’ll prepare the DWO and fax it to your office. 

Order confirmation & delivery

Our intake process:

  1. Verify insurance coverage
  2. Confirm that the examination notes meet the coverage criteria
  3. Prepare a Detailed Written Order (if needed)
  4. Schedule delivery with your patient. 


Once your order is received our intake team will enter it into our tracking system. You’ll receive a faxed confirmation that we’ve received your order as soon as it’s entered. 

Delivery Times

Upon completion of our review process your order will be scheduled for delivery. This usually occurs on the day following review by our intake department (assuming all of the items required by Medicare or the insurance carrier are received).