Category Device Brand
Oxygen Therapy    
  Stationary Oxygen Concentrator Invacare, Respironics, AirSep
  Portable Oxygen Concentrator Inogen, Respironics, Sequal
  CPAP Respironics, ResMed, 3B
  BiPAP & BiPAP ST Respironics, ResMed, 3B, Drive-Devilbis
  Auto PAP Respironics, ResMed
Suction Equipment   Drive-Devilbis
Respiratory Pharmacy   Albuterol, Atrovent, Levalbuterol

Wound Care & Support Surfaces

Medela Invia Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump (NPWT)

Medela foam dressing kits
Medela gauze dressing kits

Support Surfaces (Mattresses)

Low-airloss therapy mattress
Alternating pressure mattress


Walkers & Wheelcahirs


Front wheeled walkers
Pickup walkers

Wheelchairs (Manual)

Standard manual wheelchair
Light weight manual wheelchair
Reclining back manual wheelchair

Sizes stocked: 16×16, 16×18, 20×18, 22×18 

*Other sized are available by special order


Power Wheelchairs & Scooters


Electric (Power) Wheelchairs & Scooters

Center wheel drive (power chair)
Rear wheel drive (power chair)


Three wheeled
Four Wheeled
Heavy Duty

* We carry Pride Mobility’s full line of power wheelchairs & Scooters. Call us at 800-977-3002 for details.  



Enteral Nutrition & Supplies

We carry the equipment and supplies for all moralities of enteral administration (pump, gravity, bolus). 

 In addition, we carry formula products from Abbott and Nestle. 

These include:


Fall Prevention and Lift Chairs


We carry a full line of home and bath safety products, including:


Lift chairs by Pride Mobility
Shower chairs
Bedside commodes
Trapeze bars (bed positioning)
Over bed tables